Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you just refinish cabinets?

A: Not at all. We do interior trim, doors, staircases, wall paneling, and fireplace mantels. We can clean and seal your stone and brick fireplaces, too. We do not refinish floors.

Q: How long does an average kitchen take to refinish?

A: Our experienced team can be in and out in just a couple of days, but one day is not an uncommon time frame for smaller kitchens.

Q: Do you refinish furniture?

A: Yes but not as a primary project nor do we take bids for it. If we are working on another project in the home we will always consider adding dining table tops, coffee tables and chair backs at a very affordable price.

Q: Don’t you have to sand the old finish off?

A: No. Most finishes require thorough sanding, but Gleam Guard does not! Our finish adheres well to any finish. Most other finishes are not compatible with each other. For example, if you put Polyurethane over Lacquer (the most common finish) it appears to have worked but just a little Scotch tape will pull it off. You will have a mess that’s impossible to repair because poly is almost too hard to sand. Our Citrus prepares your surface properly, assuring our finish will stick!

Q: Can’t I use lemon oil, oil soap or a scratch remover to fix my cabinets?

A: Yes, but it’s not a good idea. Those are only a temporary solution. Most of the magic type cabinet products contain Petroleum Distillate which will soften your cabinet’s finish and leave an oil film on them attracting dust. They make a temporary improvement but in the long term they accelerate the deterioration of your finish. Some products have color in them and will stain any exposed wood, making it much harder to repair.

Q: Isn’t your process just a temporary fix?

A: No. You should expect long-term durability. We have customers who say they still look great after 20 years.

Q: Is it something I could do myself?

A: No, there is a strong chance you will ruin your cabinets.

If you watch us work, our process may appear to be somewhat simple. However, there is a large knowledge base of stains, cleaning & finish products and extensive training involved.

Gleam Guard is not a product but a service requiring expert master craftsmanship.

Q: Do I need to empty my cabinets before you start?

A: No. With no dust flying around there is no reason to empty your cabinets.

Q: Can you change the color?

A: Yes. Please keep in mind, these added steps will increase the labor time and price. We generally recommend using a highly-qualified professional who specializes in color changes. We would be happy to recommend someone we have worked with before and trust.

Q: Can I just paint my cabinets?

A: We don’t recommend it. We frequently get phone calls from people complaining they painted their cabinets and the paint is peeling off. Often perspective home buyers call to ask if we can remove the brushed on paint. We have to tell them no. Be careful not to ruin your cabinets with a bad paint job.